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 Welcome to XC Alpacas, Sheep & Goats...Please enjoy your tour and come back often.

XC Alpacas, Sheep and Goats is located in Galt, California, just South of Sacramento, and is owned by Xavier and Cheryl Ordez. We have been in the alpaca business since 2004, and decided to expand our ranch, raising California Red Sheep and Boar Goats.  We are a small, “Mom and Pop” ranch that takes pride in raising healthy animals and providing our customers the best service and support.  We offer hands on experience in taking care of your selected animals, and offer post-investment support.

Alpacas:  We have both Suri and Huacaya alpacas in a palette of colors to choose from.  Check out the Alpaca section of our website for more details

California Red Sheep:  We started our herd of California Red Sheep in 2012.  California Red Sheep Spring lambs  are here!  Reserve your lamb now!  Ewes and Rams also available, various ages.

Boer Goats:  “Boer Goats now available!  Call for details!”

Nubian Dairy Goats:  Nannies, doelings and bucklings for sale!

Lamancha Goats:  Handsome Lamancha/Boer Buckling for sale! 

Give us a call if you have any questions!  Once again, we offer our patrons post-investment support, herd maintenance education, and offer multi breeding discounts for Alpacas.

Located off of Hwy 99, XC Alpacas welcomes ranch visits. Call (209) 745-8833 & schedule your visit today!